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Routines of the Progressive Preschool Class: Circle Time

After Free Play, the teacher calls everyone in a progressive preschool class to sit together, usually in front of the blackboard for Circle Time or Meeting Time. An important part of the routine is the transition from Free Play to Circle Time. Because the students have been playing with the learning materials in Free Play, […]

Routines of the Progressive Preschool Class: Free Play

Our previous post, Temporal Environment or Temporal Setting, talks about the blocks of time that a progressive preschool class has in its schedule called routines. A progressive preschool class is not divided by subjects but by these routines. These routines are parallel to life situations that a young child goes through. When a child sees […]

Temporal Environment or Temporal Setting

The school’s learning environment is not only physical. It is also temporal. The progressive school’s learning environment also concerns the temporal setting or timing for transitions, the routines and the activities (Gordon & Williams-Browne, 2000). The schedule has a balance of quiet and active, group and individual plus outdoor and indoor activities. It is harmonious […]


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